About Boutique Realty

Boutique Realty was founded on the concept of intentional partnering. We see our clients as discerning partners each with a desire to find a special property to call their own. We invest time to discover the unique features our clients seek and time to then find just the right properties to show. You see it's not what we do, but rather how we do it.

The real estate industry is evolving. Today’s clients desire exclusive representation. Clients want their Realtor to work completely on their behalf. To reach that goal, we at Boutique determined our joy is found in working with buyers.

At Boutique Realty, we focus on the needs and goals of buyers to find their dream mountain property. The property might be a stunning mountain retreat or a cozy cabin tucked amongst nature with a view to inspire. Each and every one is unique and wonderful. Consider us as the purveyors of real estate in our beloved mountains. All roads are mapped out to lead you back to what working with Boutique Realty can mean for you.

We don’t see our work as merely a transaction but rather a journey on which we embark with each client. Reach out to us when you are ready to experience high service with a boutique style real estate firm.

How we serve

  • We buy and sell real estate, too. We understand the qualities we would seek in a broker.
  • We believe our well-seasoned brokering style is vital to excellent client relationships.
  • We embrace our intuitiveness with clients, distilling quickly what they want and need.
  • We know that listening is a valuable art form.
  • We collect and treasure our clients’ thank-yous.

Who we are

Debbie Penney

Patiently Discovering is a term Debbie uses to describe the journey as she and her buyers travel through the real estate process. She sees herself guiding buyers as they patiently discover the properties that will become their next homes. Buyers may come with a preconceived picture of what they want and then with patience and time and trust discover the properties of their dreams.

Even though Debbie chooses not to list properties she does offer a service to sellers. She will guide those who are considering parting with their sweet homes along the path to create a For Sale Property that would entice her buyers.

And when not weaving through the real estate process, she cherishes time with her family and friends whether they are together on hiking trails, on the beach, boating on the lake, at a Clemson game, or watching a good movie.